My posts are likely to be a less frequent for a while.

Oh, i’m writing a long, long one just to sort of get myself straight with myself. And i think i remember where the rest of my “Murphy’s Law” calendar entries are and may make them a daily exercise again. And i’m sure i’ll hit on some other ideas i will want to express.

And i wonder why i put all of this stuff down on pap…er, this infernal machine. i mean i really enjoy getting complements on what i write. They energize me. i try to reply to all of them because they make me feel good, and i want you to know they make me feel good. And i would like to make a bit more money to cover all of the crazy things i do and keep this thirty-year old house operating. But i’m not asking for anyone to pay for this stuff. It would change things. This is sort of like when i became sports editor of the Watertown (NY) Daily Times in early 1972 and i announced i would not have a daily column  because i didn’t want to feel i had to write something no matter what every day as there would be days no comment would be better than some invention not worth writing.  Nope, this old goofy guy is writing because he likes to write.

But, after almost a year’s rest, i am back to working on my manuscript for Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings. For the first time, i really am putting it first in my writing efforts, and i am determined, this time, to finish it.

And since i have sworn off comments about politics again and again and again — yeh, there’s at least one more coming — there’s a whole lot less to write about.

And somehow this time of year induces travel. i spent the two weekends ago in Scottsdale. Baseball, the college kind, the feel good kind. Next weekend, i head to Los Angeles for another three days of baseball, the college kind, the feel good kind when Vandy comes out west again, this time to play UCLA, USC (the Southwest corner version) , and TCU.

Then we go to visit our daughter Blythe, our son-in-law Jason, and TA DA, our grandson Sam. i’m so excited my britches are bursting (or something like that). To add icing to the  cake, i’ll head east from Austin, not west and go home again (take that, the real Thomas Wolfe) for about ten days. Perfect weather to catch up with home folks.

But to be honest, there is another reason. You see, i played golf today. The high was seventy-seven. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. i actually, for a change played well. Riverwalk. Mission Valley, about the only thing left that’s green on what used to be about eight miles long and about two miles of farm land along the San Diego River, now pretty much taken over by the development men and concrete, lots and lots of concrete, and lots and lots of cars, more than required to make it a really crappy place to to.

But i braved it today. Good friends, good weather. Oh yeh, did i mention good weather?

So just so folks will understand why i choose to live here and why i ain’t gonna leave, the photo below was at home after the round.

It’s February 26.

i plan to do this a bit more frequently now.

And i ain’t leaving.

4 thoughts on “Ahh!

  1. Interesting golf shoes?! It’s a good thing you can still wear a belt and tuck your shirt in. Can I say that? I guess I just did🙄lookin’ good for and old duffer.

  2. Jim,
    Speaking of baseball, it has just been announced by the Lebanon Lions Club that there will NOT be Babe Ruth baseball inLebanon this year and maybe no more…apparently not enough interest of the 13, 14, and 15 years olds who don’t play travel ball. Too few of them to have enough teams for a BR league.

    Apparently, travel ball has taken over. I hear that if you play travel ball you can’t play Babe Ruth, so the wonderful experience you and my brother and several thousand others had (I was too old to play when it started) is gone with the wind. And the local baseball opportunity created by people like Mayor Bill Baird, Doc Gallaher, Charlie Eskew and others will be gone and forgotten (except for the memories of those who played and mananaged and some like me who worked the concession stand.). Sad!

    1. So glad you are back on track with the manuscript. I’m now working on my second draft so you’ve got a little work to do to catch up with me but keep going. To finish it initially is an incredible feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. can’t wait to read yours someday

  3. Keep on writing Jim…You do a great job and I am sure it is enjoyed by many of us out here in Facebook land!

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