A Wish Come True

blythe-wedding-1Twenty years ago today, our families gathered together in the sanctuary of Central Christian Church in Austin. It was a perfect day for a perfect union.

The bride’s walk down the aisle was to Handel’s “Water Music.” i think Blythe chose it independently of it being one of my two favorite pieces of classical music.

The ceremony was beautiful with my brother Joe as the pastor and Blythe and Jason the bride and groom.

Later at  the reception as the father of the bride, i gave a toast predicting their marriage was a union much like Blythe’s grandparents’ marriage. Jimmy and Estelle Jewell became as one and lived that way for seventy-five years. Blythe and Jason, with the Samuel James Jewell Gander as an addition, have been in theirs for twenty years. Thus far, my toast prediction has held true. and i hope they make it together for seventy-five years. i actually think they will.

They are funny together and different. When they argue, it is wonderful to watch them make up. Their love and parenting for Sam is unparalleled makes one grandpa proud and sure Sam will succeed in his life because of their parenting and love.

It is simply wonderful to watch them together. As someone once said in one of the best films of all time: “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Just oh so much more.

Congratulations you two. i love you.




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  1. I looked upon their faces and immediately flashed back to the mid-50s film “Gidget” with (who I thought at the time to be most beautiful couple in the ‘universe’) Sandra Dee and James Darren. Maureen must be picking up buttons all over the floor from the pride going through you.💕

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