A Pocket of Resistance: Uninhibited Elation

i had promised i was going to see my nephew’s identical 5-month old twin boys before i left Signal Mountain. i saw their four-year old sister Allie on her birthday at Happy’s house.

The Duff Estate

This afternoon, i drove out in the glorious winter sunshine past the town of Signal Mountain to Walden, a town on the eastern border of Signal Mountain on what i call the back way down down the mountain to Dunlap. Tommy and Abby Duff have a small farm on Corral Road in a mix of old farmland and new development. i wove around the road and, of course, passed their house, requiring a u-turn.

Tommy opened the door and ushered me in to meet Allie, who hugged my knees until i hugged her back. I also gave their older daughter Olivia a hug. Then i looked down on the floor to look intently at Max and Culley Duff, my grand nephews, or whatever the correct term is for the grandsons of my sister.

From Tommy’s Facebook post.

Max and Culley were beautiful infants when we were here for Christmas. But now, they are enchanters, personalities developing, sitting up, getting ready to stand up, then walk, then rule the world. Now, they are content to hold each other’s hand, which in itself could capture your heart.

i held Max for a while. He laughed and pulled at my mustache. Then Tommy brought over Culley, and i had one on each knee. Tommy took photos. In most, Allie is at my side.


And here they are:

boys-1 (1)
Just the four of us: Max, the goofy old guy, Culley, and Allie


Max: Who is this goofy looking old bald guy?
Max: I didn’t think it was that funny. Culley: You have to remember he’s Crazy Uncle Jim


Culley: Can we hold hands? There was a moment not captured when the two of them had their hands wrapped around my thumb.


Culley: I’m trying to avoid this crazy dude. Max: Daddy, is this nut really our great uncle?


Max: You are kidding, right? Right? Culley: He’s really not too bad, Dad.
Culley: Do you really think we could take him out? Max; You go low and i’ll go high. We’ve got him.

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