A Pocket of Resistance: Going home soon

It is late Friday morning. In the early part, there was a trace of snow on the rooves (old secondary spelling: therefore, i will use it since it’s a lot like me).  It’s gone now.

In the past day and a half, we’ve had bits of sunshine, clouds, cold, high winds, rain, sleet, snow, and now real sunshine. For the rest of my visit, we had one day of almost all sunshine, another total of ten minutes, cloud cover, and rain and sleet.

friday-office-2So this morning as my sister rests and my brother-in-law runs errands, i chose this spot as my office for the day. The firewood stack is outside one window. A lone hemlock is prominent looking out the other window. Both windows let the sunlight filter through the pines, bare gray oaks except for green moss and vines.

There is a sense of peace, dignity. It’s a thinking corner, someplace to contemplate, someplace to write.

Martha and Todd Duff have a beautiful home. It feels good to know she will be able to enjoy it fully, not soon, but fully. That and sitting by these corner windows thinking about 70 years together with my sister makes my presence here worthwhile.

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