A Pocket of Resistance: Scouts of a long time ago in a place far away

i am not sure of the exact event that brought the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts together. But i do know both had a significant impact on me when growing up. The relationship did not last long enough…but that is another story.

It seems i may have posted this before, but i could not find it. That is not unusual. i lose a lot of stuff and can’t find it.

i believe this was taken in 1953, give or take a year or two.


The stamp on the back reads “Louis Perner, 218 Thomas Terrace, Lebanon, Tenn.” (zip codes had not yet become de riguer). From my mother’s documentation, also on the back: “Back Row – Vantrice, leader, 1- Harry Byars, 2 Unknown, 3-George Lowery, 4-Unknown, 5-Bobby Hesson / Front Row – 1-Gordon Bone, 2-Andy Berry, 3-Jim Jewell, 4-LeRoy Dowdy, 5-Frank Schlink”

My biggest question is where the hell is Henry Harding?

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