A Pocket of Resistance: A wonderful little corner

Yesterday, i asked Maureen if she would like to just go somewhere nice today.

We had been going in different directions for seemingly forever and spending a lot of time at home in different rooms doing different tasks and other pursuits.

She thought it was a good idea. We talked of going walking on the beach.

But as the morning wound down with my weight training and her yoga, we thought about going to Balboa Park instead. On the ride toward town, Maureen mentioned she would like to have seafood for lunch.

i suggested Blue Water. It’s a fish market and seafood grill where we seldom dine. We just forget about it. But not today. It was wonderful. Maureen had a halibut taco, and i had the special mussels with the surprise addition of clams in an incredible tomato, lime, and jalapeno sauce.

After lunch, we walked about half a block to Gelato Vero Caffe, one of Maureen’s frequent stops; me not so much. But today, they had maple walnut gelato, which makes a good run on my favorite ice cream, black walnut.

It was on our walk, i realized this is a wonderful little corner of the world. The corner is the intersection of India and Washington Streets just inland from I-5 just north of the city proper. Blue Water is the first restaurant up the one-way India Street. Then come the others:

El Indio is one of the best known Mexican restaurants in the city. They serve border-Mexican and many people go across the street to eat on picnic tables in the small park.

The next spot for gastronomy is Shakespeare Pub. It’s all British, and it gives off the feeling we just crossed the Atlantic when we go upstairs.

Next to Shakespeare’s is the Rubicon Deli. It is fantastic.

Next is the Wine Vault and Bistro. It is quite possibly our favorite restaurant of all time. The decor is simple, elegant, and white. They serve a three-course pre fixe on Thursday and five-course pre fixe on Saturdays, both with paired wines. It is very affordable. They also have numerous vintner dinners where the owner of a winery describes each wine while we dine on the different courses. Owners Chris and Mary are the best.

Then, there is Saffron Chicken. Maureen claims it’s the best Thai in the city. She often brings dishes home. i must agree.

The last stop actually on the corner is Gelato Vero. But that’s not all.

Across the street, there’s a taco shop, a basic bar. Up the hill a couple of lots is a really good sushi place. Turning the other way and going under the interstate, there are about three more places, the best being 57 Degrees,  a wine and boutique beer place with super appetizers and a mind boggling number of wines and craft beers.

That’s our corner. A great deal of the dining (except for Wine Vault) is outside. We were on the Blue Water’s patio today. Of course at midday, the temperature was hovering around 70 degrees, pretty much the same from October until June.

That makes that wonderful little corner even better.



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