A Pocket of Resistance: Rickover and Today’s Politicians and Their Supporters

The amount of crazy, one-sided crap on social media posted by folks with blinders on is reaching frenzied proportions, and the flow will only increase for the next ten months.

It reminds me of a story i ran across years ago when, as the Senior Naval Officer at the Texas A&M NROTC Program, i was interim nuclear program recruiting officer for about six months and consequentially learned a lot about Admiral Hiram Rickover, the eccentric father of the Navy Nuclear program. i no longer know the source of the story.

As the tale went, Admiral Rickover was sitting before the House Armed Services Committee on some matter relating to his job when a committee member asked him if he had the power, what would he do to make the military establishment more effective.

Rickover said he would take half of the flag officers in the Pentagon and give them all an individual office in the “D Ring” (the next to outside ring of the Pentagon) and supply them with pens and a notepad. Then he would direct them to write notes and other papers and send them to the other flag officers in that ring. The generated writings and the flag officers who wrote them would never leave that ring. Then, he said, the other half of the flags would go about taking care of business.

i think we should divide up the conservative and liberal contributors to social media and put all of them in two separate social media programs. There, they could send all of their views to the others in their group: conservative to conservative, liberal to liberal (since they never read or listen to the other side) and the rest of us wouldn’t have to deal with it on our social media.

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