A Pocket of Resistance: Music City Bowl

Watching the Music City Bowl while recording the second half of Vandy’s basketball game. With two minutes left, it is a cliff hanger with the Aggies trying to rally (they didn’t pull it off and Louisville wins, 27-21.

The game was exciting, but as usual, i am frustrated the talking heads and commercials didn’t allow me to watch the Texas Aggie Military Marching Band. They are inspirational. Kelly Winkler Adams, who was there, was impressed. She should know. She and her husband Jay Winkler have two sons that are marvelous, successful musicians with about ten years in marching band experience.

But with all of that, the most striking thing about the game was the head referee. He looked scarily like Doug Neidermeyer, the villainous and downright dumb egotist who was the BMOC and ROTC commander in “Animal House.”

The ref was the highlight of my evening. Every time they zoomed on him making a call, i thought of Neidemeyer and started laughing.

But only because, the sports media wouldn’t let me watch the Aggie Marching Band..

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