A Pocket of Resistance: Independence? Freedom?

i have just had a wonderful six days, including celebrating our 240th Independence Day. As Maureen sleeps in our motel room before we complete our journey from home to Sonoma and back, i find myself sitting here with an innumerable number of things i would like to write about but probably never will. The sad thing is all of these things make me sad.

Without going into specifics, what makes me most sad is most of my friends and damn near all of the people in this world cannot treat other people with respect because they are so focused on themselves, they have been duped into believing stupid things, they refuse to think, and they are too lazy to think deeply.

Wake up, world. Your primary job is to live well and treat other people well. Start caring and quit hating.

i want to explain but it will not resolve anything more than my thoughts here will have any impact.

Our forefathers did not create the Declaration of Independence or write and adopt the Constitution for personal gain. They wished to establish a country of freedom and equality. Even if they weren’t aware of the long-term global significance of freedom for everyone, that was their intent. They and many others after them have died or suffered greatly defending that right to be free.

Dressing up in our country’s flag or some sad replica of our flag’s parts (mostly against our flag’s code), shooting fireworks, having parades, gorging on food, getting drunk, or all other sorts of odd behavior has a feel-good aspect because people are trying to celebrate our independence.

But the real celebration should be respecting everyone else’s independence. We, meaning all of us who live in this wonderful 240-year old country to which all, and i mean all of us immigrated at one time or another, need to practice that.

That, my friends, is the way we should celebrates our independence.

4 thoughts on “A Pocket of Resistance: Independence? Freedom?

  1. Alas, I share your sadness, even more so today than yesterday. No, your excellent piece will not have much impact, sadly, but it’s still worth saying – and publishing! Keep the faith, my friend!

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