A Pocket of Resistance: Feelin’ Good

i am sitting on the porch of my daughter’s rented house she shares with a couple of guys.

It is raining. Southern rain: occasional thunder and lightning in the distance, a summer coolness in the air with the wind blowing the mist through the air to where i sit. i miss it in the Southwest corner.

i sit here thinking about how much i like George Lederer, one of Sarah’s housemates. He is simply a wonderful, caring, and intelligent young man. The landlord is selling the house, and George and Sarah will be moving to different places by the end of May. They are friends by the way, but they are the best friends i’ve ever known not to be romantically involved.

George and i sat up and talked until Sarah got home from a late appointment. Then the three of us talked some more: good stuff but tinged with problems normally associated with relocating.

But yesterday afternoon, i was lucky enough to be given a “feelin’ good’ feeling. After the monopoly game of which i posted a photo earlier on Facebook, the boys; son-in-law Jason, grandson Sam, and i went out to get a pizza (Blythe was leaving for an evening presentation). We came back their home to eat, while Sam went to play in the other room and Jason and i talked about a myriad of things. Jason and i connect. Cool.

Then as i was getting ready to leave, Sam came in with a lunch box.

“Papa, this is a gift for you,” he said, but added, “The lunch box is just the wrapping; you can’t take that with you.”

Sure enough on the top of the lunchbox was a sign:

2016-05-19 08.11.15

He opened the lunchbox for me and handed me the small stuffed animal. There were a number of small figurines at the bottom. Sam announced, “And you can have one of these too.

i picked one out. After thanking Sam profusely, i put my gifts in my backpack and began my evening good-byes. Sam and i hugged about a half-dozen times before i got out the door, then a couple of more en route to my car parked about twenty-five feet away, then some “hand hugs” through the open window.

When i got back to Sarah’s place where i have stayed until Maureen arrives at noon today, i opened my backpack and put my gifts on the dresser top.

2016-05-19 08.11.04

My desk in my home office is pretty much cluttered with mementoes. But these gifts are going to have special place of honor there when i get home.

It is simply amazing how wonderful a grandson can make you feel.

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