A Place to Go

If you are down and out,
feeling low…

Well, go to the San Diego night time zoo.

We ate at Albert’s, the restaurant honoring one of the zoo’s first and perhaps most famous star before the pandas. He was one big gorilla. The restaurant named after him makes you feel like you are in the heart of African jungle. i had an Alesmith .394, the Tony Gwynn Tribute pale ale. Good stuff named with Tony’s incredible season batting average, which might have risen to over .400 had the player’s strike not shortened the season by over a month. Good fish and chips too.

We wandered a bit, and if you have season passes, wandering a bit is a good thing. Went down paths i had not been before. Saw two incredible eagles (see a later Sarah post, i hope). Then we stumbled upon this one exhibit that took our breath away. Sarah has better photos with George’s professional camera of those snow leopards than i do . i took these with my iphone:

Then i got this below. It doesn’t do justice to the incredible speed, litheness, and strength of this boy. To be there was to have your heart pause for just a moment. Yet even this can take your breath away:

2017-08-13 19.34.4

Oh no, i can’t seem to get it to work here. i’ll try and post it on Facebook with this link and fix it later…maybe.

Oh, escape to the zoo to feel like the world with its humans and the animals is all right. A visit will put you in better spirits and make you feel good.

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  1. I just posted a picture from my gallery wehich hangs in my hairdresser’s station. It sums up the definition of a Life well-lived.

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