A Moment for Thought

The game is over. Our game. Mother’s game. Vanderbilt honored her pretty much the way they do everything else. They did it the right way, The Vandy way.

There were a couple of moments i wasn’t sure i was going to make it through without tears. i did, but not now. No, not now.

Runt aka Estelle Prichard aka Estelle Jewell aka Mother aka Grandma was honored as well as a basketball star of the 1930’s could be.

i will write more later about what happened and include some photos provided by Vanderbilt and Andrew Maraniss.

There are lots of folks i will thank later (in addition to Andrew), but as i sit here thinking about what has happened and my throat getting a lump and feeling like that lady who had an amazing jump/push shot even in her 70’s who just happened to be my mother, there is one special person who i am thinking about in addition to my parents.

Candice Lee thanked my mother through me for being a pioneer and allowing her and others to follow. Candice, a basketball star who became a superb deputy chancellor of athletics, made this happen. i cannot express any where near enough about what a gracious, beautiful woman she is. Dammit, Candice, you and Estelle finally made me cry a bit.


For everyone else, more later.

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