A Brief Respite for You

Well, there was this great weekend of college baseball with my scorekeeping fanatic friend, Alan Hicks. In LA. Vandy. So i’m writing this post, long post, which i can’t seem to finish. Plus, i really am working on my book again. And i installed some sunshades (it’s been cloudy and rainy, which fits my usual order of getting things done) . Also, i’m back to putting things in order (See, you are getting Murphy’s Law posts again). And i had to recover from driving: i’m old,  you know, and recovery time is one of the things where i recognize i really am old.

So i’ve been very, very quiet here. Perhaps it really has been a respite for you.

But the respite is over.

When i found the Murphy’s Law entries, one of which i posted earlier today, i also found a note i had in a pile of unfinished writing. i wonder what produced such a note?

Vituperative is “pissed off” in five syllables.

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