Willie Nod’s Garden

Willie Nod’s Garden

 Willie Nod started to grow a garden.
He dug up the earth while
the rabbits, squirrels and birds
watched and laughed and chirped.
When he was finished digging,
Willie Nod planted the seeds,
then he waited
to the seeds grow
into flowers and vegetables.

The birds and squirrels and rabbits
waited for Willie Nod
to go home for supper;
then they went
into Willie Nod’s garden
to dig up the seeds and eat them.
They scurried about and nibbled the seeds;
Willie Nod finished his supper.
Then he walked out
to look at his garden
before going to bed.
When he saw
the squirrels, rabbits, and birds
eating his seeds,
he chased them away.

Planting season passed;
summer followed;
where the animals ate the seeds,
the garden was brown dirt;
the seeds not eaten bloomed, and
Willie Nod had carrots
and lettuce
and tomatoes
and okra
and spinach
and beans
and radishes
and beets
and strawberries
and corn.

Willie Nod looked at his garden thinking
if things are allowed to grow and
are tended with care,
they become beautiful.

When all the plants were ripe,
Willie Nod called all the animals
who gathered around the garden;
Willie Nod picked his garden, and
fed the animals a huge feast.
they all played together;
Willie Nod laughed and played with them.

That night Willie Nod slept very well.


2 thoughts on “Willie Nod’s Garden

  1. I’ve been trying for a week to remember the author that came to mind when I read Willie Nod. The whimsy and illustrations touches me like Maurice Sendak. 💕

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