Willie Nod, the Hop Toad, and the Lion

Willie Nod, the Hop Toad, and the Lion

Willie Nod chased the hop toad into the meadow of tall grass.
A lion lurked in the grass to
keep young boys out of the meadow.
Willie Nod forgot about the lion.
He was near the middle of the meadow when
he lost the hop toad.
Willie Nod turned and carefully walked toward the end of the meadow.
Before reaching the edge, Willie Nod came face to face with the lion.
The great tan cat with the thick, dark mane
raised himself to his greatest height and roared his loudest roar.
Willie Nod was too afraid to move as the lion crept toward him.
Willie Nod could feel the lion’s hot breath.
The lion reached out and
licked Willie Nod on the cheek,
laughing in warm fun at the boy.
Willie Nod laughed back and hugged the lion’s neck.
The hop toad peered from his hiding place and
joined the boy and lion.
The three romped through the tall grass until
they were tired and fell laughing to the ground.
Before, Willie Nod had not liked hop toads,
was afraid of lions and
the tall grass.
Now, Willie Nod loved the lion,
the hop toad, and
the tall grass.

3 thoughts on “Willie Nod, the Hop Toad, and the Lion

  1. Some day you must share with me where this idea comes from and the if you already have an idea how it should be illustrated. Bill and Mike would have loved this as children.

  2. Ohhh, how I’ve missed the whimsical stories of Willie Nod and his friends and of course Sarahs artistic genius that brings everything to life.🤗💕

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