Another Base Stolen from Yesteryear, Introduction

When i went on my journey last October, i titled my travel posts “Four Bases., Home Run Replay.”

Silly title. Really silly now that i have touched another base. The reference, then and now, is a reference to baseball. It may have not been my most accomplished sport, but it was certainly the longest, even after bad golf came along. i played sandlot ball from the beginning of memory to the beginning of Little League in Lebanon, then Babe Ruth Ball, then Castle Heights (where the “Pygmy” infield contributed to the Mid-South Conference Championship, to American Legion where we went to the state (and got trounced by Memphis), then to fast pitch softball simultaneously with the Legion and county league ball, then to teams at various Navy commands, and finally in my last tour, becoming a member of the “Royals” in the San Diego Adult Baseball League when i was way over the minimum age of 33.

This is the introduction of another base. And the way, MLB keeps changing the rules to keep fans and get more and make the players and baseball television land happy, AND making more more money, money, money, it just might adopt a rule for a fifth base. After all, they have changed the game so much, it no longer looks like the real baseball i played.

But enough of that lame explanation of the titles.

This trip to promote my book, Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings, was going to two more homes. They would be Austin and College Station, Texas.

i plan to write more in depth about this trip later, but for now, here’s a brief preview:

Yesterday, i spoke to the NROTC midshipmen in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. i was the senior Naval Officer there, 1976-1979. While there, one of my numerous assignments was as the military advisor to Company S-2. Many of the current members of S-2 attended my briefing. i showed them a couple of slides from yesteryear, and then got one from yesterday.

There are good feelings and there are bad feelings. This was one of the best.

More later:

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