“A Change Is Gonna Come”

Several folks have warned me against talking or writing negative comments about anything related to my book, Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings. i can’t do it. i mulled it over because i hope to sell enough books to break even. But breaking even, i thought was for Maureen. Then, she tells me doing it the prescribed way is not worth the stress and anxiety i suffer. She’s right. i’m old enough to do it my way. Also, i don’t want folks to buy my book because i’m selling it. i want folks to buy my book because they believe it will be interesting. All of this wasp on my mind when i wrote this column. Just being honest with you and myself.

That’s what Sam Cooke sang. For me, it ain’t coming. It’s here.

For the last four months, i’ve been trying to sell a book. To quote another singer, some guy named Dylan, “It Ain’t Me, Babe.” i am not an effective salesman. Never have been.

So i backed off after a presentation to a local group. It went okay, just didn’t feel right…for me. Maureen said, “It ain’t worth the stress.” i agreed.

So, i am spending this holiday season reassessing how to go about making my book known and available without sweating it.

This post, of course, is one way.

And i am going to tell about the other end of the spectrum: success, warm-feeling, satisfying. A trip back east about a month ago.

Stand by.

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