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  1. USS Norris DD-859, we came out of the Boston yard the first part of January, 1968, I reported onboard the 2nd of Jan. 1968 after spending 18 months stationed at NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Air Force base, two to a room, closets, dresser drawers, sink and mirror in the room, houseboy to do everything for us, then reality hit, I did ask the MAA (GMC) if we had houseboys, he said it was a good thing I was rated (RM3) or else I would have been his houseboy for the time I was onboard. We left Newport, picked up ammo at NAD Earle, week in Key West for ASW training and then GTMO. In our entire time there we never passed YOKE, we’d set it and someone would open the hatch in front of the rider. The base was running some sort of beauty contest for the dependent girls, who ever had the most money contributed won, someone grabbed one girls donation jar and put it on the milk machine in the mess, with a rather inappropriate sign stating if she won she would perform sexual acts for the crew, her father happened to be one of the riders, he saw it and, well lets just say things got rather tense for a while. My GQ station was emergency radio and somehow we ended up with an “outstanding”, we came back to Newport in March, we tied up right before lunch and everyone not on duty hit the base chow hall, just about all the way back everyone that could was sun bathing, well here we were, middle of a New England winter, walking into the chow hall, taking off our jackets and rolling up our sleeves to show off our golden brown tans.

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