“Murphy’s Law”

From my “Murphy’s Law” desk calendar archives thanks to Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Pipey, and cousin Nancy:

Robert’s Axiom: Only errors exist.
Berman’s Corollary to  Robert’s Axiom: One Man’s error is another man’s error.
 Goofy guy’s corollary to Berman’s Corollary to Robert’s Axiom: A politician’s error is his or her opposition’s data.

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  1. Jim, I read (most of) your posts and enjoy them a great deal, although you are so prolific it’s only natural that some are better than others. I rarely comment but rest assured, I love your writings, musings, poems, and even your “Goofy Guy’s” axioms delightful even when I don’t comment. Your nostalgic post about small town America from the past (in the guise of Lebanon from the mid fifties) so compelling I just wanted to say, “Attaboy!” I attended a nostalgia-fest in Fort Worth at the Bass Hall Thursday night with my Susan (1966) along with her boys, Parker (1995) and Scott (1998,) The Simon and Garfunkel Story, a musical tribute to those two who were so inspired by the Everly Bros. As one who also was so inspired by at least one of the Everly tunes, I know you would have enjoyed the show! I thought of you, Heights, and the Everly’s as I took in the show, and especially afterwards as I read and reread your post. Parker – so totally in love with music of all stripes, and a DJ himself in the cyberworld/internet radio, knew all the words of all the songs, going back even into the Tom and Jerry days long before they became S and G.

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