“Murphy’s Law”

From my “Murphy’s Law” desk calendar archives thanks to Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Pipey, and cousin Nancy:

Hoffstedt’s Employment Principal: Confusion creates jobs.
 Goofy guy’s examples of Hoffstedt’s Employment Principal: And that my friends is why Congress, the President’s Staff, and all government agencies have about three times more employees than needed to be effective.
Aside: When Admiral Hiram Rickover was testifying before the House Armed Services Committee in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s on another subject, a member of the committee asked Rickover if he was in charge what would he do to make the Pentagon more effective. He replied he would take half of all of the flag officers and put each in a small office on the D-Ring of the Pentagon, equipped with a desk, a chair, a memo pad, and a pen. Then they could write memos to each other that would never leave the D-Ring. And that way, the other half could go about running defense more effectively.

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