The Allie troop made a decision to return to the zoo today. We did not see all that Allie had wished to see on our first foray on Tuesday, and the other possibilities just seemed not quite as inviting. So zoo today, Safari Park tomorrow (after all, they have the butterfly exhibit open).

i had many ideas to add here, but i am too pooped to pop. i’ll just say between the two days, we covered all of the zoo. Even with about 1/8 of the zoo area under construction for a new exhibit, this is quite an accomplishment. Today, we chose to rent a stroller for Allie. The first day was tough.

When we got home, Maureen took Allie to Hans and Harry’s Bakery, a destination to many all over San Diego, but just down the hill from us. Maureen got some kind of French pastry for her and Martha’s…er, Happy’s desert with strawberries and cream tonight. And Allie picked out a cookie, not a gingerbread cookie, but better. This was a highlight of the day, along with the polar bears, panda bears, hippos, and tigers.

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  1. If it’s possible, she’s gotten more beautiful since arriving in our town. Be sure to include a garden cameo of Happy.love

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