Why Would I Want to Go Out?

Been thinking about all of these people who are protesting having to shelter-in-place and the other side who wish for all of us to live in plastic bags (remember my wife?).

Seems like folks are scared or, as my mother used to say, “Have ants in their pants.” Don’t care. Do what you think is best…just make sure it’s best.

And once again, i am amazed at how smart people are. They must be. They are telling me what i should and shouldn’t do because they know. Really? They know?

Now,  just a thought for all those folks who wish to go out and mingle, regardless of the noble reason behind it: If you really, really think you unquestionably know it’s okay go out, okay. But think about it. What if you are wrong? Are you willing to risk killing someone because you are so sure you are right?

Me, i’m hunkering down. Sarah has allowed me to do that with almost impunity. A week ago, Maureen and i did mask and glove up and staying six feet away from everybody else went out and got some tomato plants. Please understand. i need my home grown tomatoes. Maureen has had some justifiable reasons to got forth, but she is much more diligent than i about observing all the precautions, and she is a dang sight younger than me. So i’m okay with that.

And i get to eat her meals. And the weather has turned Southwest corner spring. And i enjoy my writing, reading, and doing the home projects. And every other night or so, we watch an old movie. Like last night, we watched “The Quiet Man” again, the movie that captured me when i first saw it in the dash hanger of the USS Lloyd Thomas (DD-764) in the middle of the Atlantic in 1963, and i have watched perhaps twenty times since then and could watch tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, and…you got the picture.

And then, and then, along came Jones…oops, lost track: that’s a Coaster’s song. And then, i assessed the morning. Maureen and i dined al fresco in the back southeast corner of our yard proper.

Maureen as breakfast begins.
Our backyard view for breakfast.


From our dining spot, looking up at our flag and the wild mustard on our slope, which i shall soon be whacking down.

So i don’t need to go out. Nope. i’m fine right where i am. And i ain’t gonna kill nobody.

1 thought on “Why Would I Want to Go Out?

  1. You are sticking to your guns, so to speak. I am sticking to mine…..don’t get me wrong, I am an introvert and am also recovering from knee surgery so I really can’t go anywhere anyway. I’m pretending I’m on a cruise (with periodic workouts in home). So, for me this is No Big Deal. What I do worry about is the encroaching authority of politicians who know less about what is really going on but are more than willing to restrict any type of business or pleasure. Bottom line is I am not sure this is good for the country and it allows for socialism to slide in to our way of life. Hell, I hate it when someone else tells me what to do, especially when they don’t know what they don’t know.

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