“Why for You Bury Me in the Cold, Cold Ground”

The world, it seems, is trying to get back to what it used to be.

It won’t, of course, never does. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes that’s bad. We just don’t seem to have the collective smarts to know which.

So i try to just roll with it. And my world just got a little bit better.

For one, golf courses are opening in the Southwest corner. It is interesting to watch as even though there are guidelines, it depends on who is reading those guidelines as to how it plays out on each course. Sort of stupid, like just about everything else going on these days.

Don’t care. i played with the Toennies and Maureen Wednesday and i played  FMG (that’s Friday Morning Golf which has been in existence since 1991) today. Rod Stark, Marty Linville, and Pete Toennies  wore ourselves out having fun on a course we used to play consistently along with Sea ‘n Air at North Island, and Admiral Baker in Mission Valley. But the Navy is more cautious or silly or afraid or smarter or more careful than the Marines, so those other courses remain closed.

Don’t care. i’m playing golf, out, safe, letting go.

And then last night, i went to heaven. i mean, it had to be heaven. i was there.

It had been another day of hunkering down, working on eight weeks. To be honest, i think most of us would do well with hunkering down without a cause or edict to require it or  some very inconsistent federal, state, local, and imbecile rules for going about it.


Well, the three of us ran out of things we could communially watch on the infernal machine that has evolved from that tiny console with the black and white screen with one channel in the early fifties into…oh lord, i don’t need to go there. Maureen and Sarah are much, much more into television than i. They love movies, all kinds. They enjoy series, all kinds. i certainly am the biggest problem because, unless it’s something that fits into a very small niche of my past, i’m blowing it off.

Yesterday about lunch time, Sarah discovered a streaming service and was watching a very old, ORIGINAL Looney Tunes cartoon with Elmer Fudd. i was engrossed. i had been trying to find some original cartoons for about forever but had given up. Sarah, far more capable in dealing with streaming, the web (Sorry, Jack Webb, not yours), or anything with more than an off and on switch than i had figured it out. So i asked about more original Looney Tunes. Maybe after supper we decided.

Then i went for an afternoon run/walk after a couple of “virtual” doctor’s appointments or check-ups, the curse of old age, and the run/walk was wimpy by old standards but lord, does it make me feel good. My doc pretty much directed me to stop the running part because i’m old and i could break and the ensuing events likely would be ugly. Then, i looked around and realized there are very few guys, if any within ten years of my age, who could still run. So i, in my usual flow of common sense, said the hell with it and now am running (ha, ha) in a fartlek a little more than half of a three-plus mile route three to five days a week.

Oh, it felt painfully good, even more than the old days. That running thing. And it was in glorious Southwest corner weather, mysteriously returned to us after a strange wet spring.

i cooled off, showered. Maureen did one of her incredible pasta dishes with an equally incredible salad as usual, and we watched the weather and news (what we could stand of the local variety) while we ate. We discussed our options and i asked if Sarah could find some more original Looney Tunes on our streaming service. It  was tough but she did.

We watched about four of those available.  Okay. i mean they had Mel Blanc as the voice of about a quintuplezillion characters. They were fun. i laughed. But i should have laughed after being in heaven.

You see, the first cartoon we watched was one of the best ever. Ever. i almost cried with laughter thinking about how many of the politically correct, left and right wing purists would recoil in horror at all of the insults, disrespect, humiliation, agenda confronting thoughts and reactions they would have. Not to mention the cruelty, oh the cruelty and violence displayed for those innocent children, of which i confess, was never one.

The first cartoon we watched?  Amazon’s “Warner Brothers’ Cartoon Classics, Bugs Bunny, Volume Three, Episode 19.”

Heaven. It could be my hyper imagination, but i was carried back to pre-teen years. It had to have been watched first with my father. Perhaps on our small television. i don’t know. But i do know he and i watched it the first time together. My mother may have been with us. My brother and sister may have been with us. But that old man and i watched it together. Don’t care if the memory serves me correctly or not. It serves me well and that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil. Oh, we laughed. Still do. Bugs is at his best. The Tasmanian Devil is…well, he’s “Taz.” So the Tasmanian Devil dervishes up to Bugs and is tricked into being buried, but he dervishes out of the predicament and asks Bugs, “Why for you bury me in the cold, cold, ground?” and that folks, remains a constant saying of mine.

Then Bugs calls the Tasmania airlines, the one i flew to Hobart, i’m thinking, in 1979, and zoom, a Tasmanian Devilette shows up in her bridal outfit. Oh, so good.

They just don’t, truly don’t make ’em like that anymore. And there are folks nowadays who would find them offensive. And that is doubly sad.

But not me. About fifteen years ago when i was back home, i went into an Auto Parts store for something i don’t remember. There in a display case were two matching floor mats with the Tasmanian Devil with a fishing rod. “Perfect,” i thought. i bought them for my father to put in his Ford Escape (and boy, that has a couple of great stories with it). He loved it. When he sold the Escape to my daughter Blythe and her  husband Jason because my mother had difficulty navigating the step up into the cab, he transferred Taz, both of him, to his Buick.

When Daddy passed, i gathered up the floor mats, and they have been in my car ever since.

Taz. Bugs. Heaven.

So i’m okay with all of this going down. Family. Golf. Looney Tunes. Perfect.

That’s All, Folks.

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  1. I miss those cartoons so much!. Taz was one of my favorites and i remember that episode well. I have a stuffed toy Taz, who farts happy birthday, on the headboard of my bed. He’s about 20 years old, a gift from my granddaughter.

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