i was looking to order some cotton polo shirts.

Mine wore out. i’m not too particular, but i do want them to be cotton. Oh, i’ve got several of those micro-fiber things for golf. i sweat a lot ’cause i’m chubby and old and have always sweat alot. Like my daddy but he was far from chubby. So i wear that micro-stuff on warmer golf days even if it does make me feel a bit like a lab experiment. Those Navy plastic thingies they called uniforms in the 70’s and 80’s made me leery of anything not natural fiber.

Now my closet of cotton polos are wearing out. They are from just about everywhere because i buy them when they are 100% cotton. And cheap. i have several go-to places for my cotton shirts, but i’ve been lazy and not particular fond of shopping at anytime. So i hit the web.

And there was this box in my google shirt search about whether a man should tuck in his shirt or not. i previously have been amazed that people, especially men, actually put some merit to whether it’s cool to tuck in your shirt or not. The latest fad is apparently to not tuck it in, like they’ve always done in the Philippines and the Caribbean states. i don’t have a problem with it if someone wants to wear their shirt untucked. My lord, they even have a company name “Untuckit” that claims their shirts are best for wearing untucked. They better be. Those damned things cost over fifty dollars. Huh?

So i’m searching and i keep going back to that box about tuck or untuck. And one of the answers comes from a link…are you ready for this? “www.artofmanliness.com.” i mean apparently men now need some one to tell them how they can conform to being a man of artfulness.

i admit i am old fashioned, but man, i thought men just did their thing. i like Levis, old comfortable tees, nice golf shirts, shorts and pants that fit, preferably a natural fiber. i wear ties. i like blue blazers. i would even wear seersucker suits in the summer but my wife has said she would divorce me even if i am old enough to do anything weird i choose.

But i don’t think i’m even going to check out “art of manliness.”

i don’t want to know.

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