After struggling to get the photos to align alongside each other for an interminable amount of time, i have validated i am not a graphic qualified gave up. Just because i can’t do that doesn’t mean i have less appreciation for these two heroes.

Nearly every male i know in my generation is a vet, a veteran who served in defense of our country. Many truly stepped into the heart of danger. Many, like i, stayed in for a career.

i believe all of our citizens should serve at least one year in government service, not necessarily the military. My bunch was under the specter of at least two years of service in the army, navy, air force, marines, or coast guard. i think it added a level of understanding of our country that we would not have today, not that such service and subsequent understanding brings agreement. i also think it allowed us to mature and learn more about ourselves and how we needed to go about living our lives well.

It is unfortunate that many of those who were drafted suffered from unthinking and uncaring leaders who subjected those men and women to unnecessary forays into harm’s way. Agent Orange remains a terrible blight on our military-industrial complex and politicians.

Nearly all of us served with honor. There are those who dishonored our country, our service, and themselves, but they are few.

i won’t post another photo of my father in uniform or in the Southwest Pacific. i’m sure i’ll find reason to post those of him during his service on other occasions.

i will post a couple of photos of two veterans who are heroes. i won’t elaborate. They would not appreciate such praise from me. i will only say when i think of vets, i think of the two of them: heroes. There are other vets who are heroes i know. But these two heroes have been special in my life, now for a long time.

And thank all of you veterans. It is a good day for that.

Al and Darcy after completing their active duty service.


Al with his wife, Darcy, another veteran while still serving.
Marty Linville on active duty in the Army.


Marty Linville with two of his four grandchildren after he completed his active duty service

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