Tough Day

Nah, not because i’m old today. There’s a certain joy in getting past three quarters of a century. Of course, being old, i’m not too sure what that joy is.

Thus far, it has been wonderful. Maureen and Sarah took me to Bleu Boheme last night, one of our favorite French restaurants. We sat at the bar as we prefer. i perused the menu and went right back to Moules Frites au Saffron (mussels and fries) as i usually do. Being old, i refrained from my Bombay Sapphire Martini up with an olive as i have ordered in the past. After all, i’m old. Don’t feel it. But there are enough aches, pains, and doctor checkups to make me admit it. Maureen and Sarah were wonderful. i did miss Blythe and Jason and Sam but there’s a distance problem you see for someone who landed in the Southwest corner. Still is was as good as it could be.

Bleu Boheme even gave me a card with their entrance on the front page:

And my view from my seat at the bar was pretty cool:

It is a comfortable spot and except for my inability to pronounce French correctly (at least that is what my fluent wife tells me), they make you feel at home.




And i really like what they do with their candles.




But the thrill of it was being with these two:

That’s my birthday “cake” from Bleu Boheme in front of me.

And then we came home. Sarah gave me her gift. She knows me well. That pier, that Pacific Tugboat place is one of my favorite places to go.. The harbor smells, the old creosote wood pier (one, if not the only one still operating on San Diego Bay) takes me back to a wonderful existence i had for twenty-two years.

Let the big day begin. i’ll be working. Home projects. Like this being old.

The tough part is i made a promise to reply to each birthday greeting from everyone. Thus far, i have done that, but it’s getting tougher. i’ll keep at it, but thank all of you for your well wishes…just in case.

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  1. Happy belated birthday 🎂. What a wonderful day you had. Maureen always makes everything special. Great picture.

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