Thoughts on the Linn of Tummel

This should be a poem. Today, it is a short post.

i’ve been gathering my photos in an organized fashion, a new thing for me. i will make several posts, i’m sure when i am in the mood. For the last five days, i have not been in the mood for several reasons.

Today, we took a hike in the Linn of  Tummel. Linn in Scotland means pool at the bottom of a waterfall. The park or hiking area around where the Tummel River falls into its confluence with the Gerry River is also called the “Linn.”

It was in the midst of on again, off again light rain. i wouldn’t have it any other way. Maureen took the photos. i left my picture-taking phone in the car. Glad i did for i had several thoughts about the hike i would not have had had i been focusing on taking photos.

The first thought i had was i wish Peter and Sandra Thomas were joining us. Peter, one of the best folks i know, married this beautiful Scottish lass a number of years ago. Even though we see them only occasionally, we consider them some of our best friends. This place, even if it hadn’t been in Scotland would have given me thoughts of Peter.

It is a quiet walk. With the exception of three couples coming upon on us from the opposite direction and the half-dozen guides and tourists we went by as they were doing an inner tube ride…er, fall down a short section of small waterfalls, we were alone.

i thought of Camp Ocoee about forty miles east of Cleveland, Tennessee where i went around eleven years old and canoed the Ocoee River through rapids and camped in the rain.

i thought of my dog Cass, the lab with unbounded joy of woods and water and how much i would have loved to have him by my side.

i thought of how my parents would be smiling to see their three children and their spouses walking through the green, green together.

i thought of the five people with me,  the two closest to me in so many ways, sister Martha and brother Joe, and their spouses Todd and Carla, who are just about perfect for matches. i thought about how this trip has exceeded my expectations of sharing our time together.

i thought of many things i would like to convey to my friends. i’m sure i will forget most of those thoughts before i put them here.

i didn’t think about many things.  Those were the negative thoughts. They did not enter my mind.

In fact, i thought how all of you should just once hike the Linn of Tummel. i believe you would find peace as i did.

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  1. Well you old sot how about you wandering the hills and valleys of Shangri-la. It must be like a cleansing balm. Bless

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