Things We Might Forget

i am not a formal church goer. When i am back home in Lebanon and when i visit my sister and her family on Signal Mountain, i go to support the church of my youth and my sister’s on the mountain.

My mountain attendances are nearly always at Christmas. i always have been and remain moved by Christmas services. There is such hope, so much reverence for goodness. And great carols.

Tonight, we went to the 5:00 service. Tommy and Abby Duff’s six-year old daughter Allie was in the children chorus and the story of the Nativity.

i kept trying to think of a manly word to use, but i have to admit it was simply “adorable.”

At the conclusion of the Nativity story, the children assembled on the front of the altar. The minister gave the congregation a few moments to take photos. Since most of us had left our phones in the car, Maureen took a couple of photos with Sarah’s phone who passed them to me.

Now folks, Christmas has many special meanings, but when i looked at those children, i thought i might have stumbled upon a memory of one of the aspects of Christmas i had forgotten:

Allie, my grandniece, is the young lady, front row center, an angel.

Merry Christmas.

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