then back when

i remain shaken from the assault on our constitution yesterday. i am very proud of Sarah for her response to this event and the reactions to it. i am ashamed of the media and the politicians who attempted to compare yesterday to earlier events and promote their agenda rather than factually reporting what was happening. Then, in the middle of the night, the first few lines of the below poem flew into my head. i don’t know from whence they came.  It may be the first in a series as other words flew right behind the initial ones. It may be the beginning of a much longer poem. i don’t know right now. It is not associated with yesterday’s tragic occurrence in our capital, but i suspect that event fostered those first words flying in the middle of the night to my head. It is, for me, an escape for a while.

then back when

once, back when, a man and a woman walked;
then back when, they got
a horse, a mule, a camel, or an ass
rode slowly;
then back when, they tied sticks to the animals
carried things with them;
then back when, they made a wagon with wheels
to be pulled by the animals
they went further and faster with more;
then back when, they got bicycles and pedaled;
then back when, they got on a train
rode further and faster;
then back when, they got a self-powered vehicle
cranked it to ride without an animal or pedaling;
then back when, they put on big wheels and paved roads
went faster and farther;
then back when, they got a vehicle with an enclosed cab and a starter switch
rode in style;
then back when, they added an automatic transmission and air conditioning
rode in more comfort;
then back when, they added radio
listened to  people talk and play music while they rode;
then back when, they installed a global positioning system
knew how to get where they were going and quit going down untraveled roads;
then back when, they added telephones and talked to other folks far away;
now they are looking to get a self-driving car
i wonder when they won’t be able to walk or find their way
without their gadgets.


1 thought on “then back when

  1. There was no assault on the Constitution on January 6th. If there was then someone can show me and I will admit that I am wrong. The real assault came on election day in multiple states. Read the Constitution and see what it says about how elections are to be handled by the States and then look at what happened. I disagree with Trumps fanning of the flames and what happened at the Capitol but the Constitution allows for protests and freedom of speech in D.C. just as it does in Portland, Seattle, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nashville, TN. Now that the Democrat/Socialist are in complete control they will squash the Constitution starting with the 1st amendment. It started yesterday.

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