Thanks Not Yet Complete

i am really quite blown away. When the first birthday wishes began popping up in mail, email, and Facebook, i vowed i would obey my mama and reply individually to everyone. Thus far, i have responded to about 50 during a full birthday, including a golf outing at Coronado arranged by Maureen. It was lovely, but took almost the full day.

Although i  remain dedicated to fulfilling my vow, it’s going to take some time, AND with the infernal machinations of this thing called social media, i often lose things…you know, like a 77-year old man. To add to that, i received somewhere over 200 well wishes, far beyond what i thought i might get. Oh yeh, i still have to send my thank-you notes for Christmas gifts. My mama would get mad if i didn’t.

If you don’t immediately get a reply from me, be assured i did read yours and my response should be coming. If you never get a reply from me, know it was not intentional. It’s lost somewhere in the la la cloud thingy. Don’t blame me. Blame my age.

It was a wonderful day. i decided i did not feel like 77. Sometimes i feel like i’m 50. Sometimes, at least 50% if not more, i feel like 130.

And thanks to all of you. i cannot express how great it made me feel.

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