Talk about being a little pissed off

This is another one of those actual events that is so wrong in so many ways.

Yesterday and most of today was good.

i went from golf to a cortisone shot the orthopedic guy thinks will fix the shoulder that has ailed me with old man stuff like arthritis. Then there was another appointment.

We concluded the day with dinner at one of our favorite places, The Rose in South Park, with friends in Minnesota who will soon move back to San Diego. Brenda Fake and Tom (Brenda i am having an old man brain fart and can’t come up with Tom’s last name for sure and don’t want to include a wrong one; help me out, girl), are absolutely two of the best dinner mates we’ve ever known: Thanks for a great evening).

Busiest day i’ve had in a long while, all good (except for my golf which sucked again). Today i topped it. i helped my buddy Pete Toennies put together a storage shed and his shelves we put inside. It was an all day workday except for about two hours in the morning when Pete worked on a solo project.  i went to the driving range and was fortunate to find Matt Brumbaugh open for a golf lesson. He helped. Then i was back at the storage building construction: hard labor.

i got home around 7:30, good tired.

When i saw Matt before the lesson, he was waiting for a phone call from his boss. i inquired about what. Matt replied a golfer had been arrested on the golf course. i went to hit warmup balls on the range while Matt concluded his business.

When he began our lesson,  i asked Matt, “What was he arrested for? Bad golf?”

Matt chuckled  and then told me the golfer had been cited by base security for indecent exposure.

i unbelievingly guffawed for about  a minute. “You’ve got be kidding,” i said.

Matt said he wasn’t kidding and added a regular golfer had been arrested about ten years ago for the same thing: taking a leak on the golf course. That time when the case reached the duty security officer, he said, “You’ve got to be kidding?” and dismissed the charges.

But this time, the security patrol car was driving by the course, when the female MA (the Navy rating for the security specialists rating, which i greatly disdain for its inefficiency and bureaucracy, raised holy hell about how the guy did something she found personally offensive.

The guy was in the bushes by a fence. i am sure the female MA saw nothing except him standing there in a position used for only one purpose, but she was offended. i guess she would have thrown Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett in jail plus the vast majority of all humans in the world before the 1800’s.

Apparently, the golfer is going to appear before the base Commanding Officer soon.

i’m sorry folks, but damn near every male golfer i know pisses on the golf course, One, a very good friend, is legendary.

i think some people need to grow up.

And until they do, i think they should be removed from any active role as a security officer.

For god sakes, people, use some sense…if you have any.

2 thoughts on “Talk about being a little pissed off

  1. Hi Jim …. yes dinner was fun and thanks fir the shout out !!! Tom Rushfeldt is his full name … very happy you didn’t assume he had mine … Fake!! See he like to introduce me as his fake wife!!

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