Taking Walks

i walked up my hill today and remembered why i loved to go up there.

The reason i climbed up today was i needed to lower my ensign to half mast in honor of the original George Bush.

i no longer go up there frequently. i used to go twice a day. i am old Navy and my ensign, in accordance with U.S. flag regulations required being raised at 0800, colors, and lowered at sunset, then folded in accordance with regulations and stored properly for the night. But then i added a light to illuminate the flag at night, which allowed the flag to be flown at night. Then the neighbor on the opposite side of our slope went land hungry (another story) and erected an ugly fence. It was not as enjoyable. So i quit going up. But today, the flag had to be lowered to half mast.

i went up, executed the half mast, stood silent for a moment in respect for President Bush. Then i looked out.

i saw the Pacific about six miles away as the crow flies.





i saw San Diego proper with its rather insane drive to build more high rise condominiums.






i looked down at our home feeling blessed.





i looked east at the majestic Mount Miguel.





i looked to the north at the distant mountains and clouds beyond the development housing on the rim above a reservoir.




i came down from my hill and went for a walk, not my run/walk route but one along the rim of the canyon two blocks to the east. The views are a reminder, this land was scrub high desert on its highlands, fertile agriculture along the river bed, and always horse country within spitting distance of the big city.







And in spite of all of the vitriol of those who really don’t have a clue and all of the valid concerns about cost of living, i think i’ll stay.

It has been a good day.

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  1. Our kids still remember 4th of July from the hilltop. It’s good to appreciate what u have n tough not to take for granted

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