Take That, You Glass Ceiling: the Glass Is Shattered

What most of you might consider a long time ago, is not a long time for me.

You see, i’m writing this book about something that happened 36-37 years ago. Because i’m so into it, it doesn’t seem so long ago. When it comes to some special people it seems like it was yesterday.

There were a whole bunch of people who made that time in my life a wondrous successful adventure. Today, there is one that stands out. She was and remains special. i haven’t see her in oh, about thirty-seven years.

But when someone is one of the best Naval officers whom you knew in your Navy career, you remember. And the fact she was one of the cutting edge in women in the Navy, it is even more impressive.

i could go on and on, but let’s cut to the chase.

Noreen Leahy one of the best. Had she remained in the Navy, i am sure she would have been an admiral. But she didn’t stay. So she became successful. Got her doctorate. She’s helping people. She has a wonderful husband and great kids, and though it’s hard to believe, she is a grandmother.

Thank you, Noreen Leahy. You remain an inspiration.

Happy Birthday.

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