Sun’s Reflection

As usual, i’m just throwing stuff out there to see if it sticks. To be honest, i’m trying to find peace in the darkness that surrounds us, searching for reason amongst the madness in that dark, hoping for caring i do not see in that dark. Wondering why retirement isn’t. Thinking of a cabin in the woods by a stream with no one around where i could do the chores to be there and sit by my fire at night reading the poems of the romantics, sipping on a good whiskey, with no one there but me and an old dog before i go to sleep.

Sun’s Reflection

i wish i could be like the sun,
too bright for anyone to look straight on,
unknown because my light and heat
forbids anyone to see
the sun or me.

the sun’s reflection
provides the light
for us to see
the morning star,
the red planet,
the planet of the moons,
the ringed planet,
oh, yes, the moon, the moon
let us know them
as we never could
without the reflection from
the sun or me.

if i were like the sun,
i would not change
what folks see
come to know
because of the reflection,
allow them to see things
they could not otherwise see
think about what they see
because of the light cast
by the sun or me.

i wish i could be like the sun.

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