i don’t think many would call my day today a good day.

i didn’t get a whole lot of solid sleep because of the persistent coughing and strange noises coming from my innards, not to mention the drainage, the head tightness, and the sore throat. Oh yes, for most of the day, i couldn’t talk, at least not well.

i continued to put down pills like peanuts at a baseball game.

Oh yes, it has been blustery, drizzly and sometimes rainy day in the Southwest corner, a veritable raging storm for out here in May. Cool too.

Then mid-morning, i put Maureen on her flight to Austin. My entire immediate family is 1300 miles away for five days when i get one back.

Not being able to sleep well, i dedicated the day to watching sports on television. i watched Vanderbilt lose to Missouri, 2-1 in twelve innings, the first time, ever. My horse, Battle of Midway (of course) showed, a 37-1 shot that held a lead for a while. Disappointed.

So i watched the Padres lose to the Dodgers, 10-2.  What once a long time ago across the country in Brooklyn was my favorite team (until my Pirates came along) is now my nemesis. i’m a Padre fan.

While doing so, i fixed me a grill cheese with some boxed tomato soup Maureen gets from Trader Joe’s. It’s pretty good and i make a mean grilled cheese, but it didn’t seem all that good tonight. Just something to get down.

It wasn’t the catfish dinner, my LHS ’62 class enjoyed back home. Theresa Wright kindly sent me some photos from her phone. i saw these people, my childhood friends, and i wanted to talk to them right then.

Oh, i could go on and on, but i need to go to bed for some more fitful sleep.

But you know what?

i feel pretty good.

i’m getting better. My childhood friends apparently had a great time. The weather is going to clear up in a day or two and be San Diego wonderful. Vanderbilt and the Padres are fun to watch. Battle of Midway showed well for those odds.

And back in Austin, i have five of the most wonderful people in my life enjoying themselves, enjoying each other. And they all have such wonderful promise ahead of them. Even if it is without me.

It may be strange, but that is a comforting, peaceful realization: they are mine and they are just fine without me. i think that means i’m okay.


4 thoughts on “Strange

  1. I seem to think that you went back to Lebanon recently. I didn’t see anything on this trip. As I mentioned earlier, I am planning on going back for my 60th Heights reunion, usually early Oct. Several years ago, WP Bone had a McClain School reunion for the 7th and 8th grade classes of 1952 and 1953. Really a nice affair and I got to see a lot of my Lebanon friends that I lost contact with when I went to Heights. Really nice t reconnect with old friends and I’m sure you enjoyed Lebanon.

  2. Your closing remark is the most beautiful if all. Knowing that as a result of your determination to raise your children to the best of your ability that you are confident they will thrive long after your gone. That in itself should give you a tremendous sigh of relief and a long lasting sense if contentment.

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