Something i Wish i Had Written

i went on my semi-power walk this morning, succumbing to my doctor’s advice not to run. “Too old,” he said. Probably right, but i did an old man’s jog for a tenth of a mile wishing i was running like i used to on the Coronado Beach from the Amphibious School, crossing Orange Avenue, on the beach to the air station’s security fence, turning around, and back, a distance just about six miles. Ran it every work day with Dave Carey for about six months until he retired (an education in itself, my friend: Dave was a POW; his thoughts about everything were always enlightening, still are). Then i ran pretty much by myself for three years. A lovely run. Note: for Dave, except for that part where they don’t have that stuff in Acapulco.

But i was wishing, walking, not running. So i think. i also have succumbed to listening to my music, what i’ve transferred to my song library, shuffling to get an assortment. Listening, walking, and thinking. Before it was just running, enjoying the world as it was, no interference, no earbuds.

i was thinking about how i was fiddlin’ around with writing something philosophical (ha, ha) about growing old and the meaning of life and all of the craziness that is roiling around this old earth, probably bored from watching repeat stupid on its surface.

Then this song came on. i heard it shortly after it came out when i played the demo during the “JJ the DJ, the Weekend Warrior,” top 40 music show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons out of WCOR AM in Lebanon, Tennessee, the bright spot on your dial (or something like that). i later bought the album in the Sasebo Navy exchange in early 1970 because i wanted to marry Susan Taylor, the lead singer who was also that beautiful woman on the album cover.

Anyhow, i was walking, stopped thinking, just listening. When the song ended, i thought there wasn’t any real need for me to wax philosophical anyway. i mean folks i know would either laugh or get up on some straw principle and beat me up.

So then i thought why not just put the links of songs on this site that have meant a special something for me during a rather gadabout life.

So here are the Pozo Seco Singers hitting pretty much all my notes.

Rest easy. The song that shuffled on right after “Time” was Little Johnny Taylor’s version of “Who’s Making Love” with the chorus lyrics of “Who’s making love to your old lady while you are out making love?” i don’t think that will make my philosophical song list…but man, it’s a great song.


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