She Makes Me Smile

i will be attending her great granddaughter’s seventh birthday in just less than two weeks.

Her birthday is today. i’m writing late after a birthday note to her because i wanted to say something substantial about her and kept fumbling around. This is no less heartfelt.

She is not just a cousin. She is an older sister. Our parents were that close. She was also beautiful. Still is. In many ways.

Our families wore out the roads between Lebanon, Tennessee and White Oak, then Red Bank (Chattanooga) so we could spend time together.

i watched her dance with her brother Jon. It was art, flowing, beautiful art.

i was served her first dinner for a guest in several courses because she hadn’t quite got down the timing.

She makes me laugh.

Thank you, Nancy Orr Winkler Schwarze for all the things you mean to me.

Happy Birthday.

Nancy and Johnny Orr with a goofy kid in the background in the summer of 1945 before our fathers came back from the war.

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