She Is Beautiful

There’s this woman i know, in fact have known for…oh, about seventy-one years.

She is beautiful.

Today is her birthday.

Even though i am married to the perfect woman for me, i love this woman.

That’s okay, by the way. You see, she is my sister.







There’s another one of us. He came along later, somehow the smartest of the three of us. She has a great relationship with him as well.





She always has been pretty. She was a marvelous student and teacher: elementary school, piano. Wish i had learned more from her.






She grew up. Met a man. Good man, great athlete. Even better father and grandfather.






They had a boy. Good man. Good father. Great damn near a brother for my  younger daughter:





Then there were grandkids.

She is one of the best grandmothers ever.

She also, like her son is a brother, a second mother to my daughter.






She had some pretty serious health problems, but she is fine now. Even great.




Happy Seventy-First Birthday, Martha Estelle Jewell Duff. Remember you will never be as old as your older brother, and we all love you.

3 thoughts on “She Is Beautiful

  1. And she’s not afraid to admit when she doesn’t understand what someone is saying for instance, a recent butt-photo to which she asked: “what are you saying?” I laughed so hard.💕😂

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