Another short post for my life is filled with family, peace, and awe right now.

This morning we took a walk. Actually this really was a hike with the hilly paths we took. Over only three kilometers, just a couple of steps over two miles, it can be a challenge for the uninitiated hiker with the path ascending from the sea to the path’s peak and back to the sea.

The ancestral home of Clan MacNeacail, about 130 acres was reacquired by The Nicolsons (part of that clan) of Scorrybreac who forged and maintain the trail.

History is deep here, and i kept finding myself thinking of the ancestors. The hike provides a glimpse of life on this island world of Scots, a panoramic view from the life of the sea, the life of the farms, and the life of the city.

At the outset, there is a viewpoint on a grassy knoll. An older gentleman sat on a stone wall adjacent to the memorial for the Clan MacNeacail where their chief’s home used to stand. The man’s beagle clasped a green ball in his mouth, wagging his tail furiously, and continuously winding under the man’s leg, begging for a game of fetch. The gentleman refused, sitting stoically until he rose and proceeded on his walk with the beagle bounding  round him and tail still wagging.

The world seemed right, balanced.

As we started the ascent, i thought of my friend Cy Fraser and his brother Walt, thinking it would be nice to walk their ancestral lands in this northern land with them one day.

i find i can stop amidst my brother, sister, and our spouses talking, laughing, and sharing, take a breathe remaining quiet, and achieve a feeling of fulfillment, almost meditative in this land.

Some views on the walk:

The Jewell Clan at the MacNeacails clan memorial


The Bay of Portree
Maureen walking to the light.
Wild yellow irises with many more ready to bloom.
Majestic bluffs.
Farmland with cows below the bluff.
Farmland away from the sea.

There are many more, but not for here today. Time is getting on toward supper with a brisk walk to town proceeding.

Can you tell i’m having a wonderful time?

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  1. Oh myyyyy! Thank you for posting your pictures as well as your serene thoughts: it is palpable, your contentment…. carry on!!

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