i climbed up our hill
to get away, reflect;
news today had not been kind;
i wished to reflect in the quiet
before sunset.

the sun, reflecting through the mist,
set above the Pacific
with about a quarter of an hour
before descending below the horizon
gave me the quiet
i desired for reflection.

wisps of cirrostratus clouds
were haloed in white brightness
turning pink and gray
as twilight beckoned
while Lupus the wolf
along with
Scorpio the scorpion
waited to pounce on their prey
just below the horizon
with Venus viewing the beauty
of it all from above.

the light and colors constantly
changed their makeup
as the lucky ole sun
began to sink;
she had joined me
to share my sadness;
she was needed support.

i smiled a faint smile.

i looked where the sun had gone
along the Pacific horizon
which was indifferent to
Magellan’s order to halt its tide
several years ago.

my world was changing
in my view
with time marching on
I was struck that
in many ways,
we all are alone
must answer to ourselves
how well we have lived,
are living,
will live

just like the sun.

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