Please Excuse Me

Over the past several years, i have acquired a large number of followers as subscribers and many who read my posts when i provide the link on Facebook.

i am grateful so many folks seem to enjoy my posts.

i sometimes think i might charge a little bit to cover expenses and perhaps make a little money for golf and travel. But we are doing okay, and i know i probably would not subscribe to something, even if it’s good, if there is a fee no matter how slight. Like many of you, i am the child of parents who experienced the depression, and mine taught me to be frugal. It just took a while to sink in. Quite frankly, i don’t want to lose any of you. That idea has been put aside.

My parents also taught me to be courteous. Courtesy includes replying to someone when they write or text or comment or whatever and calling back when they leave a message. i have been remiss at this of late, at least in a timely fashion.

i want to apologize for not responding immediately or possibly overlooking your comment or response. It is not intentional. The volume of those comments and responses have grown. If i missed you or am late in my thanks, please excuse me. i will continue to attempt to respond to every comment on my website and every response on Facebook.

You personally i consider a friend, not just a Facebook “friend.”


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