One Fantastic Woman

i have always loved women. Put them on a pedestal. Been really close to many. And i must say in spite of difficulties with a few who have no use for me, i still care for all of them.

There are special ones of course.

But there is one in addition to Maureen, my wife, who is extra, extra special to me. We met in 1963. She was a freshman at Vanderbilt. i was a sophomore. Our relationship has been very serious at times, and very platonic at others. Through it all, even during long periods when we lost contact, we have always been friends. Even when we had relationships with others, we remained close.

Susan Butterfield Brooks is happily married to a wonderful man, Mike Brooks. They are both long time Atlanta denizens. They fit well together.

She and Maureen are good friends.

Susan and i, at least from my side, are about as special friends as two people could get. i treasure her thoughts, her inputs for me, her fun, her integrity, and…well hell, i could go on for about forever. She’s that special of a friend for me. Yeh, i think they invented that word “platonic” for us.

So Mike, give her a kiss for me and treat her well today.

And Susan, Happy Birthday, and thank you for being a fantastic woman and even better friend for essentially forever.

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