Well, it ain’t as good as i would like it to be, and it took about two weeks longer than i planned. When i hung it up this afternoon, i’m a’ thinkin’ folks passing by would laugh at the amateurish attempt.

In spite of my great adventure of the Christmas event i wrote about earlier, NOEL has deep roots for me. Colonel James “Jimmy” “Alligator” Lynch and i put his up on his front porch roof in the mid-70’s. i almost got electrocuted and almost slid off the roof of 911 South Main in Paris, Texas. But the idea stuck.

i like the simple message. This year, i went with a lighter model and green lettering rather than white. i will continue to tinker. Fooling with Christmas tree lights is a lot more complicated than it should be.

Still, it’s mine and says what i want to say about this Christmas season:


Merry Christmas and NOEL!

1 thought on “Noel

  1. I think your NOEL is spectacular and guttsy. I would never attempt to make a sign that someone had to read. My idea of outside lights is a bit more fluid and artsy. I like the song by the way. Makes me think that you should play it outside in front of the sign and dance to it!! You might start something fun in the hood!

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