No Longer “Searchin'”

It was in the late spring of 1957. i was already a love lorn teenager at 13, a seventh grader at Lebanon Junior High School. It was a Saturday. i had once again gone to a Saturday afternoon matinee at the Capitol Theater, a “B” Western preceded by the “Movietone News” reel, a Looney Tunes cartoon (hopefully), and a serial, “Rocket Man,” “Lash Larue, or “Buck Rogers.” Admission was a quarter. i had a Three Musketeers candy bar for a nickel and a coke for a dime.

After the movie, i went to the Tasty Shop next door and had a “suicide coke.” i don’t remember the cost but if was more than a dime, i would be shocked.

For some strange reason, perhaps because i was a lazy teenager, i called home for a ride instead of walking five blocks. i walked across Main Street to await my ride on the sidewalk by Bradshaw’s Drug Store. Perhaps it was from the Bradshaw’s soda fountain counter by the prescription order and pickup window. i really don’t know.

But while i stood there, a song wafted through the air. It was the Coaster’s just released “A” side of a two-sided 45 RPM. The “B” side was “Young Blood,” which still makes me smile today. The “A” side was supposed to be humorous as well, i suppose. But in my state of mind, it connected with me. “Searchin’.” Yeh, i thought, even then i was searchin’ for the love of my life.

My search took off and i found many wonderful women, two of whom i married, i thought had ended my search. But i found out the search had a ways to go: nobody was at fault; the fit just wasn’t long term.

The search continued. The Coaster’s song was on my mind:

Yeah, i’ve been searchin’
Ah-a, searchin’
Oh yeah, searchin’ every which a’way yay-yay
Oh yeah, searchin’
Ah-a, searchin’
Searchin’ every which a’way yay-yay
But i’m like the Northwest mountie
You know i’ll bring her in some day
(Gonna find her)
(Gonna find her)

Well now if i have to swim a river
You know I will
And if i have to climb a mountain
You know i will
And if she’s hiding up on a blueberry hill
Am i gonna find her?
Child, you know i will

‘Cause i’ve been searchin’
Oh yeah, searchin’
My goodness
Searchin’ every which a’way yay-yay
But i’m like the Northwest mountie
You know i’ll bring her in some day

Well Sherlock Holmes
Sam Spade got nothing
Child, on me
Seargent Friday
Charlie Chan
And Boston Blackie
No matter where she’s hiding
She’s gonna hear me coming
Gonna walk right down that street
Like Bulldog Drummond

‘Cause i’ve been searchin’
Oh Lord now, searchin’
Mmm child, searchin’ every which a’way yay-yay
But i’m like the Northwest mountie
You know i’ll bring her in some day

Tonight, Maureen and i concluded a five-day personal celebration of our 40th anniversary by going to one of our favorite places, one where we had celebrated before, the Wine Vault and Bistro. It was a six-course, paired wine with Turley Zinfandel’s featured. It was forty years from when my search came a wonderful conclusion.

You see, i did find her:

12 thoughts on “No Longer “Searchin'”

  1. You did find her – for sure! Lovely photo of the two lovebirds! It’s awesome when you find the One and what a blessing to have that relationship blossom and sustain for such a long time! Thanks for sharing and for remembering the Coasters – As I recall and I may be wrong, Young Blood was supposed to be the A side but after a month or so on the charts, the record “turned over” and clearly “searchin’ was the much better side! I loved the Coasters! Lieber and Stoller – Down in Mexicali, Great Big Idol, Smokey Joe, Jones (meanwhile, back at the ranch,) on and on. Great stuff. Many years later I caught the Coasters at a lounge act at Harrah’s in South Lake Tahoe – they weren’t the originals and they played all their old tunes at a more “modern” up tempo pace. It was disappointing.

    1. i saw them with a couple of replacements at a night club in LA in ’74. Yep, not the same, although they did stick to the originals. One of my all time favorite groups since 1957 when i heard “Great Big Idol with the Golden Head.” Thanks, David.

  2. ♥️♥️. Thanks for the reference to My Daddy’s drugstore. Many read the comic books by the door when they were waiting for someone to come get them!!! Many memories were made at that soda fountain. Best Wishes to you two!!!

  3. Nice connection Jim. Congratulations on the anniversary. I can’t believe it been 40 years since that wonderful wedding day.
    Great picture of you two.

    1. It was a long road with many wonderful folks passing by, but i think we’ve reached our destination. Thanks. i hope you and Jim are well.

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