My Humor, Unappreciated

My wife, Maureen Renee Boggs Jewell, doesn’t always share my sense of humor.

Now most of the time, i can illicit one of her guffaws that is legendary among her friends and family and often has them searching for something to strike her funny and create the laugh, making everyone jovial and happy.

In fact, our humor and ability to laugh at each other, at ourselves , and at our relationship is one of the things that has kept us close. We love each other and we love to laugh together.

But sometimes…

Like this afternoon. Maureen began to play Mahjongg (hmm, is it capitalized?) with a friend using Zoom. i think she likes it as she has scheduled another session tomorrow.

Well, i am about into Mahjongg like i’m into forced hard labor, which i was doing by cleaning the oven racks while she was zooming, but as i cleaned, i overheard her game talk.

Somewhat dismayed, i walked into her room, the front one with her computer, my old liberty ship hatch cover now posing as her sewing and craft table, the cats, Maureen, and her Zoom partner.

i asked, “Did i hear you say you had the crabs?” (pause) “What kind of game are you playing?”

She gave a little titter but i knew, yes, i knew it was not sincere.

i left and vowed not to interrupt her Mahjongg games ever again.


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