Morning Glory in the Southwest Corner

San Diego autumn weather vanished this morning with the hot, dry air blowing in on a high from the desert: a Santa Ana we call ’em out here, highs reaching toward 90 and humidity no higher than 30% all day: fire season as we reckon out here.

But yesterday was the usual from mid-September to May. i slept later than usual and ran my morning routine just after sunrise, not around first light. i put up a new flag in that routine, something i’ve dismissed since i installed a light to observe the rules for flying it 24/7, something a number of neighbors have asked, principally because they like to see it on their way to work. i told myself i needed to get back to that as walking up the hill and raising the flag (at 8:00 a.m. as we did correctly in the Navy for oh, about 22 years and still observe, stopping on about the fifth or sixth hole on the North Island golf course almost every Friday when the base observes colors with the playing of the National Anthem). My flag raising is the capper on morning glory.

Maureen and Paul Shipley’s front yard project is filling in and promising.
The sage will cover most of the mulch left of the river rock bed. The lantana will do the same on the right side. It should be filled in by the end of next summer.
It is already looking great.
Someday, i will get a better camera to capture my view of San Diego and Point Loma from my hill, or perhaps get someone like Walker Hicks to take a real good photo without getting my shadow in the foreground.
Mount Miguel to the east. It looked like a Roman candle, a big Roman candle, the night of the 2007 wildfires. It is a majestic view from our home without fires.
Our neighbor’s back yard. By far, the best next-door neighbors we’ve had in this home or or first one in the Southwest corner.
Our home with at least 7,858 more projects to complete, especially the slope, which i intend to take on in 2078.
The morning ritual complete: Morning Glory.

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