Yesterday, i posted birthday thoughts for Blythe. i had picked out too many photos to accompany those thoughts. So here they are today, with loving memories of our good times together:

Blythe atop Nuʻuanu Pali on Oahu in 1981. It was a wonderful pre-Christmas, end of a year of Westpac deployments for me, and magic to be with her. It was also cold up there.
In the Petrified Forest for about 15 minutes of our whirlwind visit to it and the painted desert. She was not really enthused about rocks that used to be trees. i was awed and felt the force of history, nature, and a sense of something larger, inspiring.
And a few of my favorite things. My RX7 Blythe helped me pick out. My parents in their first fifth wheel trip to San Diego, outside one of the best bachelor pads ever, overshadowed by the next move to a condo in the Coronado Cays, the Koala stuffed bear i got her in Perth, Australia, and Blythe. Life was good. August, 1981.
Sailing with Blythe on JD’s boat on San Diego Bay, 1982.

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