May Gray Relief

This year’s “May Gray” in the Southwest Corner has doubled down. Almost the entire month has closed the window of perfect weather. The marine layer has come in earlier, stayed longer and returned earlier. We’ve had numerous May days with no sun burning through the clouds. Clowns like me have lived here long enough to recognize our complaining about Southwest Corner weather is akin to complaining about the opposition scoring a run when your team just won a national championship.

Still, not being used to this, we can get down. Quick. So as i walked out today as the sun was rising even though i could not see it, i stopped my morning routine to look at Maureen’s roses in the front side yard:

i continue to prove i am not a graphics guy, but i think you get the picture, in this case pictures. Regardless, when i looked at Maureen’s roses, i pretty much quit complaining about May Gray.

1 thought on “May Gray Relief

  1. I know what you mean. I have a big hanging basket of petunias i got from an FFA member at Watertown High School. It is just outside my living room window where i can see it from my chair. It makes me smile and happy.

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