i would like to be cool and pretend i found the show because i was looking for it. Actually, i forgot to switch after another program i was watching when this started.

i kept snapping my fingers, clapping my hands, moving. i immediately thought Ed “Bivo” Bivins, who was a jazz addict  in Tennessee of all places when you listened to blues, bubble gum stuff, or country way back when.

i thought of Cy and Evan Fraser, lovers of music of all kinds.

i thought of Danny Boggs and Bob Hurt who love good music, especially smooth jazz.

i thought of Hurley’s in Newport, Rhode Island, on a side street across from the tennis museum where i spent a lifetime of liberty while at Navy OCS, especially Sundays where they had a jam and oft repeated the favorite from Saturday nights: “My Satin Doll.”

i don’t know if you are a jazz lover. i don’t know if you can get into music.

But man, it’s here. It’s all here:


1 thought on “Jazz

  1. Of course,as kids we were raised on all this stuff with hundreds of albums played at various volumes on Dad’s huge Radio Shack homemade stereo system. You would call us ” the family with the dancing feet”.

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