I’ll Take My Stand

My period of dismay and sadness at what is going on in this country is not over, but i think i have finally got my head around it and have resolved what i believe is appropriate in terms of what action i, me alone, should take.

i am 76, half way to 77 and with a limited time on this earth. i am either a benevolent fiscally responsible conservative or an anti-politically correct and fiscally responsible liberal, neither of which exist. i believe in the equality of the human race and recognize there are differences in individuals in intelligence, drive, and sadly, good and evil. I have tried to stay out of political involvement but have, in the past, tread too close.

I believe in helping others and being responsible. i believe we should all be accountable and contributors to our society. i believe in what Major Kenneth Morgan defined as “Freedom” during a Latin 101 course at Castle Heights Military Academy course in 1958: “Freedom is the ability to do anything you want as long as it does not interfere, conflict, or deny someone else’s freedom.”

I believe i have been for the equality of all persons, especially those who have a different skin color than mine for most of my life. All of us being human, not different, struck me at a very young age and has remained until now. i think i have avowed this equality since then, but i have not actively protested for it.

i have served in the defense of our constitution because i believe it is not perfect but the best system around and founded base on “All men are created equal.” I am dismayed that people who think they can fix it want to get rid of it and those who have corrupted it want it to remain corrupted for their own purposes and beliefs. I am dismayed and saddened religious groups are becoming political instead of trying to help their believers live good lives.

At 76, i believe i have done my part in contributions to help this country be better and helped the people i’ve met to improve their lives. I believe if i did become active in politics, it would be the sound of the tinkling of a glass in amidst of a clashing of cymbals. i am retired and except for writing, i intend to stay that way. i also believe if you aren’t going to actively participate, you should quit calling out others or making negative comments. i think that is called “put up or shut up.” i intend to shut up.

i stated previously i would make one last political comment. This is it:

i must take a stand concerning the upcoming presidential election. i am not a fan of Joe Biden, but Donald Trump is the worst president we have had in our history. No one has demonstrated such a disregard for respect of others or our politically balanced system of government. No one has taken such disgusting stances and comments to get votes. He is, in my opinion, an egomaniac, even narcissistic.  i am concerned with the Republican Party supporting him and putting the party in an awkward position.

For those of you who are conservative in your views, i respect your position, but you need to find someone else to represent them. Trump is selling you Kool-Aid, and if you believe he is acting in your or the country’s best interest, you have been duped.

If you surprise me and find another candidate to replace him, then i will have to decide to cast my vote based on policy and the candidate’s leadership capabilities and moral standards. It would be difficult for me to decide which way to vote.

But i will not ever vote for Donald Trump and feel it is time to take my stand against him, not the Republican Party, but against Donald Trump.

14 thoughts on “I’ll Take My Stand

  1. I have voted for people in both parties until lately. I voted for whom i thought was the best man for the job regardless of party affiliation. I’m not sure any of these people running are the best. Republicans are running as trump supporters and they stand behind him. Democrats, well i don’t even know who they are or what they represent. The government has become so corrupt, maybe that should be has always been corrupt, from the perspective of the oppressed. I am so confused.

  2. Jim, Like you, I try to not criticize too much since I am not involved in politics. Even when I do try to voice an opinion to my government, I usually receive a newsletter and a request for a donation. BUT…here goes. There are no more Truman Democrats nor Eisenhower Republicans. The mantra now is “government of the party, by the party and for the party”. The good of the American people has somehow become secondary to the good of the party. Having said that,Trump may well be “almost narcissistic” but he has restored the economy of this country when the last administration had given up manufacturing as part of the “American way”. He has undone numerous regulations and removed onerous taxes that retard job creation. I cannot conceive of circumstances that would allow my vote to be cast for someone who does not consider all life as sacred and has vowed to restore the regulations and taxes Trump has removed.

  3. Jim,
    I read your post every time one appears on my screen. I appreciate your service to our country, your love for Lebanon, TN as well as your friendship and fond memories of our working together in the 60’s at WCOR.
    I know President Trump is “rough around the edges” but regarding your opinion of him as president, I hate to say it, but you are full of excrement as a constipated whale.

  4. another anti Trumpster. I think u made a good decision. Stay out of politics n stick to poetry n shared stories of days of yore.
    I see u never mention the corrupt level of our justice system (higher up) under Obama.
    Don’t get me started, Jim.

  5. Thanks for publishing your last political statement—hope it makes you feel better. This is my last statement to you—take my name off your email list so I will not have to delete your political remarks- This definitely makes me feel better.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. You have expressed your understanding of the situation our country is in at this time. It saddens me to see the angry (almost hateful) response to some to your words. There seems to be little space for disagreeing with respect and for that, I am saddened.
    I have many thoughts I would love to share but will not do so here…only that respect for each other versus money (economy) is what I would hope to see Americans value most. Thank you for your honesty.

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